The New MMH Website!

Welcome to the official website for Modern Military History! I am Andrew, creator of The Modern Military History YouTube channel, and creating a website has been a long term goal of mine- postponed too many times by a fear of web development. I have never made a website before so I am starting small with this simplistic site, so please bear with me as I continue to “polish” this space.

2020 has been tough on everyone around the world. The incredible events of this year impacted me significantly. My desire to educate people about the history of warfare solidified greatly. I used time spent in quarantine to consider the best ways to approach that goal. This website is the beginning of me setting into motion a life long dream.

I have often run into projects I would like to publish that are not a good fit for the YouTube video format. So this site will be not only videography but also articles, still photos, and who knows what else. Thanks so much for taking time to join me in this!

Published by ModMilHistAdmin

My name is Andrew and I am deeply passionate about military history. Throughout my journey engaging with history I have cemented an opinion that education is power, and that an educated society leads to progress. I firmly believe that if more people engaged with military history and understood the reality of conflict, than our society would be more eager to exhaust all peaceful options before engaging in armed conflict. In this regard, I am compelled to share my journey with respect, integrity, honesty and a touch of humor with the hope that some people will learn about our tumultuous past and therefore decide to strive for better moving forwards into this century.

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