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The Modern Military History podcast seeks to cover incredible history in a format familiar to a modern audience. Currently the podcast is hosted through YouTube, Spotify, and anywhere else you can find your podcasts. As always, thank you for listening!

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Current Podcasts:

MMH Podcast #21: “MMH #21: The Equipment of The Son Tay Raid”

MMH Podcast #20: “The Cost of The Secret War”, with the son of a KIA SOG warrior Rich Fitts Jr.

MMH Podcast #19: “Life is Precious” with WWII Veteran John B Long.

MMH Podcast #18: “US Parachute Operations in North Africa, 1943” LIVE at Mt. Tabor Park, Portland Oregon.

MMH Podcast #17: “Normandy, 1944”, LIVE at Mt. Tabor Park, Portland Oregon.

MMH Podcast #16: “Into The Son Tay POW Camp” with Terry Buckler and Cliff Westbrook

MMH Podcast #15: Dick Thompson, SOG 1-0, (Part 2)

MMH Podcast #14: Dick Thompson, SOG 1-0, (Part 1)

MMH Podcast #13: “Combat Ain’t like the picture-shows”: Interview with WWII Battle of The Bulge Combat Vet, James Graff.

MMH Podcast #11: “Real Places”

MMH Podcast #10: “The History of SOG with John Stryker Meyer”

MMH Podcast #9:  “Storm of Steel” By Ernst Junger

MMH Podcast #8: “Helmet For My Pillow” By Robert Leckie

MMH Podcast #7: “MMH Beercast #1: The Pandemic, Militaria Collecting, Iwo Jima, and Wheraboos”

MMH Podcast #6: “We Jumped To Fight” By Col. Edson D. Raff

MMH Podcast #5: “101st Airborne: The Screaming Eagles in WWII” By Mark Bando

MMH Podcast #4: “Into the Tunnel” By Gotz Aly

MMH Podcast #3: “Passchendaele, The Sacrificial Ground” By Nigel Steel and Peter Hart

MMH Podcast #2:  “Ordinary Men” By Christopher Browning

MMH Podcast #1: “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl


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