The Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 in Period Photography: A Photo Essay

The Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 has become a zeitgeist in the history of Nazi German weapons development during WWII. The story of it’s creation is a fascinating example of innovation in the face of wartime necessity. Therefore the FG42 commands considerable attention by those interested in WWII weapons despite it’s rarity both during the war and nowContinue reading “The Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 in Period Photography: A Photo Essay”

Chinese Involvement in The Vietnam War 1950-1975

By Andrew Wheeler The conflict in Vietnam from 1950-1975 defined the cold war and has since served as an epitome example of proxy conflict. The western backed South Vietnamese fought against the communist supported North Vietnamese. For over 20 years the competing powers used Vietnam as a proxy for their larger ideological struggles. For SouthContinue reading “Chinese Involvement in The Vietnam War 1950-1975”

The “Dunkirk” MK II Brodie Helmet

     In mid-May of 2018 I was strolling through the Belgian city of Bruges. The Bruges is most well-known for its untouched medieval architecture and thriving chocolate industry. Therefore finding militaria was far from my mind that day. Nonetheless when I was walking along one of the city’s many canals my sixth sense for huntingContinue reading “The “Dunkirk” MK II Brodie Helmet”

Repro Review: William Lennon B5 Boots

I try to avoid reproduction items as much as possible when creating a display. My pursuit of historical artifacts is fueled by the desire to tell stories of the past. Reproductions cannot tell the same story that real artifacts from the past can. However a reproduction is the only option because an original example isContinue reading “Repro Review: William Lennon B5 Boots”

The M16A1 Build: Introduction

Perhaps one of the most iconic weapons of war of all time. Glossy black plastic handguards, triangular front sight, distinctive carry handle…. The M16. It was the rifle that has proven itself to be the pinnacle of modern weapons development and continues to be the current issue weapon for the United States, albeit in anContinue reading “The M16A1 Build: Introduction”