About MMH

Original 1944 D-Day invasion map depicting the area of Carentan, France which was the objective for the 101st Airborne after landing on D-Day. Image source: MMH

The Mission

The mission of Modern Military History is to make military history accessible in the modern age.

The “Modern” in Modern Military History does not refer to modern conflicts but instead to the philosophy of using modern methods of instruction to reach new audiences. Modernization of historical education is needed because the status-quo of education can leave many behind in today’s age. The creator of Modern Military History deeply believes in educating about military history. He is working to accomplish that mission with modern techniques of instruction such as: podcasts, engaging videos, written articles, and more.

Circa 500 BCE, Aeschylus the ancient Greek poet said: “In war, truth is the first casualty”. What he meant was that lies often supplant facts surrounding the understanding of war. Never before has the threat of conflict carried the terrible ramifications that our world faces today in the age of nuclear proliferation. Ignorance of military history today is more dangerous than ever before. The creator of Modern Military History strives to honor veterans, pay homage to the past, and work to make our world better all at once.

That is Modern Military History.

About The Creator

Modern Military History is produced solely by Andrew Wheeler. Andy fell in love with Military History at age 6. He is a graduate of Portland State University with a BA in History. Andy’s goal is to educate professionally and to empower the next generation with knowledge. The creator believes even the most serious of topics can be made approachable through honesty, humility, and humor.

The creator: A) Posing with a P-40 Tomahawk aircraft in 2006, B) Standing by a M3 Stuart Light Tank in 2003, C) Exploring the HMS Belfast in 2018.

Image Use Policy: All photography unless credited otherwise is the property of Modern Military History’s creator and is subject to copyright. Requests for use can be submitted via the “Contact Us” form, or emailed directly to: themodernmilitaryhistory@gmail.com.

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